President’s Message February 2020


In September, two JASNA-Me Board positions will open. I will complete 2 terms as regional Coordinator and Judith Clarke will resign as the Communications Director. Briefly, I’ll describe the tasks associated with these positions. Officially, the Coordinator is “director of activities of the region and the representative to JASNA.” Other JASNA-Me Board members: treasurer, communications, program, hospitality chairmen report to me. I try to anticipate their needs and be of assistance. Most of our work is done by email and we try to meet face to face twice a year. As required I send reports of our meetings to JASNA. As JASNA’s representative in Maine, I receive a modest number of requests from JASNA, other regions, vendors, product sales people and publishers. Some of these I pass along to our members through Judith. 

Coming into the position, I knew that we needed a presence on the web. Karen Webb developed our Facebook page which continues to have a popular following. Our website features an archives section and allows registration for meetings. That site is in the process of being redesigned. In future, I see outreach as an ongoing responsibility for the Coordinator. 

Judith will be stepping down as Communications Director, a critical post she has held for many years. She assists in maintaining the mailing and membership list, designs and mails our invitations and forwards to our members relevant information that comes from JASNA or other regions. 

If you are interested in joining our board as Coordinator or Communications Director OR just would like to talk to us about our work, please contact me, Barbara, at or 761-1593 and Judith at or 620-0715.