September 8, 2018

Miss Austen at Home: The year is 1815, and Jane Austen has just returned from a visit to The Prince Regent’s London residence. The honor of this invitation prompts her to reminisce about the events that led the daughter of a country clergyman to a position of such prestige. She shares her thoughts and feelings about her novels and how their publication changed her life forever.

Maine Janeites enjoyed the unusual experience of drinking tea with Jane Austen!  She joined us for our Fall meeting at the University of Southern Maine.  Miss Austen, aka Laura Rocklyn, reminisced on her life as a clergyman’s daughter, a sibling in a large family, a beloved sister and a published author.  Dressed in a simple regency frock that Elizabeth Bennett might have worn, members and guests easily joined in a simulation of the highpoints of Austen’s life. “Miss Austen At Home” is the creation of Laura Rocklyn who lives and works in Washington, D.C.